About TinyQueries

TinyQueries™ is created by dutch cartoonist and software developer Wouter Diesveld. Beta versions of the framework were used for several projects starting in 2012. In 2014 the first public release was launched.

The name "TinyQueries" is based on comic character Tiny, who is known for splitting up into tiny particles and regrouping herself into many different constellations. The same principle holds for TinyQueries: split big, complex queries into simple, tiny queries and regroup them using query algebra.


Although SQL has many disadvantages (the language does not fit with OO programming languages, it has static schemes which are hard to update, it has no OO structure at all, etc. etc.), it has one great advantage, namely that it's everywere.

Why is JavaScript so popular? Not because JavaScript is a well designed language, but because JavaScript is available in every browser since 1999 and there are frameworks like jQuery which make programming in JavaScript intuitive and easy, without loss of performance. TinyQueries is for SQL what jQuery is for JavaScript, what Less is for CSS.


TinyQueries is located at Rockstart
Herengracht 182
1016 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

mail: wouter@tinyqueries.com
phone: +31(0)6 49 680 774