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Nowadays dozens of NoSQL database engines have emerged due to some restrictions of the traditional relational databases. Instead of switching to a completely new engine TinyQueries™ provides a much simpler solution.

Which problems does TinyQueries™ solve?

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TinyQueries versus SQL

Handwritten SQL is in general considered to be the fastest way to retrieve data from a relational database. However it may still be difficult to find to most optimal way of querying, especially if many tables are involved. TinyQueries is designed to take advantage of several best practices in query design, like splitting up complex queries into simpler ones.

We did a test on MySQL's Sakila sample database containing movie and actor data. One of the views retrieves a list of the actors and for each actor gets a the list of movies they played in, grouped by the movies' category. We compared the views' underlying query with an equivalent query written in TinyQueries. Below are the results.

These kind of benchmarks are of course dependent on the hardware used and the size of the database. But anyhow it shows the potential gain in performance which is possible by the TinyQueries type of querying.

Key advantages of TinyQueries™

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Want to see a demo or have questions, don't hesitate to contact Wouter Diesveld, creator of TinyQueries™.